Okay, so most of you don’t know this about me, but I absolutely love Steve Irwin.

(Okay, you may have known that.)

But seriously, I love that man. He always has and always will be my hero.

I remember watching him when I was younger and to me, he was just the coolest person in the world. He taught me so many things about animals. He made me love snakes and crocodiles. He was this amazing, passionate man.

When he died, I cried. For days, that’s all I did. I watched every news special on him, I watched the memorial Animal Planet made. And I bawled my eyes out. Because I felt like I was losing a part of myself. I’m not sure why, but I did. He was such a prominent role in my life, and then, he was gone. I cried for losing him, for his family for losing him, for his animals for losing him.

I still choke up when I read “Steve & Me” or when I see Terri and Bindi tweeting. Or when I look at my DVD collection and see Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course and The Wiggly Safari sitting there.

I needed something to channel my sadness into. The first thing I did was write a story. It helped, but not much. Then I decided to start a scrapbook. I had this idea to make it in his memory, then send it to Terri Irwin. But it took me a while to complete it, and once it was done, I couldn’t send it. Deep down, I wanted it to be me personally handing it to her.

I found the scrapbook a few weeks ago and looked at it. It made me cry. But I’ve also decided that I’m going to remake it, add in new things, new pictures of Bindi and Robert (they’re so big now! Bindi’s going to be fourteen next month!).

And this time, I will send it, because I know it’s going to be a long time before I get to Australia.