I want to meet Billie Piper so bad.

It’s not even funny. I don’t know if it’s because I love her as Rose or what, but like, I just keep thinking how badly I want to meet her. Which is weird, cuz the only celebs I want to meet are ones who have really impacted me and mean everything to me. Like Lucy Lawless. Oi, my celebs to meet list is at three: Lucy Lawless. David Tennant. Billie Piper.

Lucy Lawless is going to be three hours away from me on the 23rd!

And I can’t go see her. How unfair is that?! The Universe is so cruel to dangle her in front of me like that….wait, that came out sounding a little wrong. Oh whatever. First the Xena Convention, which she’ll be doing photo ops and I can’t go to. And now this. Live! With Kelly. Too bad there aren’t any tickets to get, the only thing I can think of is standing in line for stand by, but I’m pretty sure you have to be on the list for stand by, which I’m not. Though I guess I could always go to New York, stand outside the studio, hold up a huge sign saying ‘I LOVE LUCY’ and pray that she miraculously sees and and comes out to speak to me…..

Miracles happen, right?


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I’m curious to see how many there are around here.

No, not to mock anyone. The show had a huge fan base. Bigger than most today.

it’s funny that you say it had a huge fan base cause I read on wikipedia that it’s a cult series which are known for having a small yet obsessive fan base.

True, but I think Xena is a bit of a phenomenon in that it’s getting new fans all the time. I haven’t heard of many other 90s shows that are gaining new fans ten years after the show has ended. 

#xena #is the best #my fandom has some of the best people around

truth. all of it.

 Xena is made of win.