“I’m leaving, Loki. The dimension canon is ready and the stars are coming out. I have to go now and find the Doctor to save the universe. All the universes. I — I’m leaving tomorrow morning. … Please, say something.”
“… Why?”
“We’ve already talked about that. I have to do it or it’ll be darkness. Darkness everywhere.”
“So you’re leaving me. Abandoning me.”
“What is so important about your precious Doctor? Why do you have do be his puppet, even when he is no longer in your life? Can you not see what he is doing to you? Can you not see there is so much more here for you? Why can you not see it, Rose Tyler? Tell me!”
“I’m in love with him…”
“And I am in love with you. And you are in love with me too. Just open your eyes and face the truth, Rose Tyler!”

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Billie was curled up on her bed, her arms clutching a pillow to her chest, wishing it were his body instead. She closed her eyes as tears rolled down her face. Sobs shook her body as she curled herself up tighter. It hurt her to know that he was gone, that she couldn’t physically see him again. Memories of everything she loved about him coursed unbiddenly through her mind. The moments when they would lie together in bed, her head cushioned on his chest. He would stroke her hair and play with her fingers while she listened to his heartbeat. How he would kiss her on the nose every morning, his version of being her personal alarm clock. The trinkets he would pick up while he was out, just because they made him think of her. Billie buried her face in the pillow, screaming as she hit the mattress beside her. “Give him back! Please! Give him back!” Her cries gradually began to soften as exhaustion creeped in on her. “I need him,” she whispered.